Increasing Learning Interest Through Interactive Multimedia

Increasing Learning Interest Through Interactive Multimedia

Interactive learning multimedia is a learning programme that combines text, images, video, animation, etc., integrated with the help of computers used to achieve learning objectives and users can interact with the programme actively. Multimedia is a combination of text, graphics, sound, animation, and video. If the user gets the freedom to control then this is called interactive multimedia. The development of interactive multimedia refers to the following requirements:

  1. used by students,
  2. expected to improve students’ abilities and skills and positive attitudes,
  3. in accordance with the needs and characteristics of the subject,
  4. covering specific learning activity objectives,
  5. providing detailed learning materials and activities and exercises to support the achievement of goals,
  6. providing evaluation as feedback (self evaluation) and a tool to measuring student success in accordance with the mastery learning approach,
  7. developed according to the rules of interactive multimedia development with interactive presentations with higher levels of interactivity.

Increasing learning interest through Interactive Multimedia and applications for creating audio-visual interactive learning media.

  1. Kahoot (to establish digital classrooms)
  2.  Google Classroom (to establish digital classrooms)
  3. Microsoft Teams (to establish digital classrooms)
  4. LMS Canvas (to establish digital classrooms)
  5. Quora (to establish digital classrooms)
  6. Open Study (to establish digital classrooms)
  7. Lectora (to establish digital classrooms)

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The forms of utilisation of computer-based interactive multimedia models in learning can be in the form of drills, tutorials, simulations, and games. Interactive multimedia is developed based on the research and development procedures of the ADDIE model with the following steps:

  1. Analysis,
  2. Design,
  3. Development,
  4. Implementation,
  5. Evaluation.

Characteristics of interactive multimedia:

  1. Equipped with some navigation called Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  2. There are icons and buttons.
  3. There is a pop-up menu.
  4. There is a scroll bar.
  5. Users can browse to various information windows with the help of hyperlinks.

The development of interactive multimedia for learning must be designed in such a systematic way as to provide opportunities for students to learn independently according to their respective learning acceleration and so that students can learn effectively and efficiently. Computer-mediated learning strategy is basically a strategy that is applied so that learning materials become more effective, so as to improve student learning outcomes. The effectiveness of this interactive tutorial in learning occurs because the programme is designed based on clearly defined and measurable instructional objectives so that in the learning process it helps determine appropriate activities and helps students to pinpoint important topics. The results of this study indicate that the use of interactive multimedia in learning can be a solution in helping teachers and students’ difficulties in learning, because it can improve learning outcomes, increase students’ consistency in learning and learning outcomes can last longer in students’ memory. Interactive multimedia also allows students to interact with the media “interaction is a prominent feature in multimedia that allows active learning. Active learning not only allows students (users) to see or hear (see and hear) but also do something (do). In the context of multimedia, this can be in the form of responses to questions posed by the computer or being active in simulations provided by the computerter”. The disadvantages of using interactive multimedia are the relatively high cost in the first stage of making learning media, the lack of teacher ability in using multimedia, the lack of attention from the government, and inadequate multimedia making facilities.

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