Alma Ata University Information Systems Study Program Laboratory provides a complete laboratory to support student practicum. We have two laboratorium :

  1. Laboratorium Software and Database
  2. Laboratorium Hardware and Networking


The library is an important means for students to explore deeper knowledge. Alma Ata Library is equipped with a collection of textbooks, popular books, scientific journals both national and international and other supporting facilities, among others:

  • Computers for searching online book and journal collections
  • Table for discussion


Alma Ata Information Systems Study Program discussion room provides tutorial room facilities to support the student learning center (SCL) learning method. This room is equipped with air conditioning, LED TV, projector, and internet. Students can use this tutorial room for discussions between fellow students or with lecturers.


Information Systems Study Program classrooms are equipped with lecture facilities including: air-conditioned classrooms, LCD projectors, and multimedia equipment that can be used for public lectures, seminars, and workshops.


The Alma Ata campus has a green campus concept, which is a campus with a shady green open space atmosphere, equipped with a wi-fi network with high access speed, and comfortable for discussion.

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