Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission of Information Systems Study Program

Vision and Mission of Alma Ata University Information Systems Study Program in 2021-2025.


In 2035, the Alma Ata University Information Systems Study Program will become a superior, independent study program in the field of Digital Enterprise and able to compete in the ASEAN job market, contributing to the development of the welfare of the nation and world civilization based on Islamic values and Indonesian nationality.


  1. Establishing Tri Dharma Higher Education for a Bachelor of Information Systems program that is superb, Independent in the field of Digital Entrepreneurship, competitive in the ASEAN Job Market, based on Islamic and nationality values, and contributes to the advancement of global civilization.
  2. Developing an academic system and atmosphere that is conducive to the realization of a quality culture in organizing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education through the development of good study program governance gradually and continuously.

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